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The Facts About Umbrella Insurance

When our clients at The Heuman Insurance Agency ask us if they need umbrella insurance since they are already covered by homeowner and automobile policies, we ask them if they can see into the future. The reason we say this is because one never knows if a car accident or another negligence claim is going to result in a lawsuit that, should you be found at fault, will result in losing their beautiful Washington home, vehicles, and virtually all assets. This can also include the loss of investments and future earnings. Should such a calamity befall you, umbrella insurance, a type of extra liability insurance, can be invaluable.

What Umbrella Insurance Is and Isn't

Umbrella insurance is a secondary type of insurance that kicks in when the liability limits of your homeowner, condo, automobile, or boat insurance have been reached. It also protects you from litigation stemming from charges of injury or property damage, as well as any legal expenses that arise in your defense. However, umbrella insurance cannot be purchased as a standalone policy. You must also have a basic policy in place or an underlying liability policy in place that will first pay out on a claim before an umbrella policy can become effective.

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

The liability portion of your insurance provides you with a legal representative should another person be injured, or property damaged due to your action or lack of action; In other words, should your negligence land you in a court of law. However, once the cost of the damages has all been tallied, you may find your primary liability coverage is nowhere near sufficient to pay for them.

How Umbrella Insurance Provides Extra Protection

An umbrella policy can provide coverage for claims not covered by conventional insurance policies, such as allegations of slander, libel, or false arrest. And should your actions, or lack of action, be found to have caused injury to another person, umbrella insurance can pay for the injured person's:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation therapy costs
  • Lost wages

It can also pay for repair or replacement costs for vehicles, property, or tangible goods damaged in the incident. The agents of The Heuman Insurance Agency can work with you to build a policy that fits your lifestyle. Contact our office to learn more and get a quote.

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