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The Facts About Auto Insurance

Washington State Auto Insurance

When it comes to Auto Insurance, there are a lot of different options out there to consider. The Heuman Insurance Agency in Washington is your best option for auto insurance with many different types to choose from. Having insurance on your automobile is a requirement in all states and Washington is no different. We will cover some of the various types of coverage and the requirements for Washington below.

What are State Requirements?

Every licensed driver in Washington is required by law to have some form of Liability coverage on the automobile. Comprehensive, PIP, and collision insurance is also available to cover significant out-of-pocket expenditures due to an accident such as hospital bills and significant repairs to your automobile. Collision insurance is not a requirement under Washington law, but it’s a good idea in case of a major accident. Self-insurance is a special type of insurance that is available for owners of large fleets (26 vehicles or more), and more information can be found at the Department of Licensing. Liability Bonds and Certificate of Deposit are two other types of insurance that are similar to each other. In a Liability Bond, the driver puts up a Surety Bond which is held in escrow until it’s needed for payout in case of an accident. The Certificate of Deposit works similarly except the escrow holder is different from a surety bondholder.

The Heuman Insurance Agency has many years of experience in the Auto Insurance field and has agents that can work with you on getting reliable coverage and moderate rates. You can visit or call us anytime to get a quote on your auto insurance. We’ll work with you on your insurance needs and requirements as no two client situations are the same. Check out The Heuman Insurance Agency today and get protection for your automobile.

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